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We produce ourselves - CNC bending
We produce ourselves - CNC bending

More and more often you can see bent table frames in our range, so this time we present our own CNC bending process!

We can use steel pipes with a diameter of 38 mm for our products. We can form even complex 3D shapes, because we use 4-axis folding CNC machines for bending. With such capabilities, we can create unique design products that will delight the customer. We currently offer these collections, which are made using CNC folding machines - VINGIS, SLED, ELEGANS collection tables.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending is a unique manufacturing process that uses a robotic arm to push wire or tube through a series of servo-driven rollers to bend and form materials into specific configurations. This folding is precise and is perfect for small tables.

If you have been looking for exactly that table for a long time - we can help and make it according to your wishes! Contact us: